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Reimagining Dinner Reservations

Services: Creative Direction, Branding, Ads & Social Media

Got You transforms the dining experience by connecting spontaneous food enthusiasts with last-minute reservation opportunities in the world's most coveted restaurants. Users can effortlessly grab a newly available seat in a restaurant which otherwise would be fully booked months in advance. Also can transfer their reservation to avoid charges, offering a worry-free and flexible reservation experience.

Launching across four global culinary hubs—Paris, Dubai, London, and New York—Got You offers a fresh, youthful, and accessible approach to savoring the moment without the wait.

The brand embodies dynamism with a fun, bold, and minimalistic aesthetic that resonates with an adventurous audience. The logo—a clever play with the 'o' cradling a hidden checkmark encapsulates the brand's core promise: a seamless, affirmative dining encounter. Each element speaks to the smart, swift, and stylish nature of the service.

The vibrant and contemporary palette reflects the brand's spirit with a striking red/orange reflecting the excitement of a sudden table availability, a rich blue for reliability, a deep navy signifying sophistication, a playful pink for a touch of whimsy, and a neutral cream grounding the scheme in approachable elegance.

Motion Design: Eray Sarıoğlu

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