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Hi there!


Welcome to my heart-based small business.

I hold Bachelor of Science Degree in Product Design and Masters Degree in Design. Having the design education and design thinking perspective completely changed me as a person and how I see life.
I have 10 years of brand design experience with 300+ completed projects. I approach the brands I worked with as if my own, go above and beyond to create a strong brand.

Currently I'm based in Paris, France; while my roots are in İzmir, Turkey where I was born. I like to consider myself a world citizen after having lived in 4 countries and stepped on many more of them.
On the side, I'm a travel lover and a true gastronomy enthusiast. Traveling and having new experiences is my biggest passion. It inspires and enrichens me personally and professionally. I'm interested in gastronomy (so much that I had a second degree in this area), independent movies, yoga and slow life living.
So, that’s me in a nutshell🐚 drop me a message below to discover work opportunities or just to say hi!


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