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Ignite Your Inner Strength, Embrace Life's Possibilities

Services: Creative Direction, Branding, Poster & Stationery Design

Dreavita is a progressive and inclusive wellness brand dedicated to providing empowering mental health services and resources to underserved communities, fostering emotional healing, personal growth, and a sense of belonging, so that every individual can thrive and embrace a life filled with purpose, resilience and joy.


Visual identity was intended to be sensitive, respectful and considerate, reflecting the brand's inclusive character. The concept was born from the idea of strong nature and we called it "Simplicity inspired resilience". As the patterns of nature hints us to consistency, strength and growth, the branding aims to pass these messages through affirmations and minimal design approach.


Branding features linear layouts and lean typography with a touch of hand drawn personality. Frames combined with natural patterns support the growth and resilience feeling. Illustrations are focused on the patterns of nature, demonstrating the repetition and the resilience result in success in life. Three versions of logo were created for the brand to be flexible to adapt in any graphic medium and to underline the inclusivity.

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