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Inspired by the rivers that unites us
Services: Creative Direction, Branding & Packaging Design

Zona is the first hard seltzer brand of Angola. The brand's journey is deeply rooted in the spirit of beginnings, drawing inspiration from the life-giving springs of Huambo that gracefully feed the Okavango River, nurturing a thriving and diverse ecosystem.

We created a branding system that is contemporary, young and bold. The brand narrative is constructive and uplifting, carrying the mission of creating a positive impact that extends beyond individuals and communities. The design features monochromatic palettes with geometric icons that draws the eye to the middle of the packaging. The colors are trendy, combined with white to create a clean look that doesn’t look busy.


Logotype includes a hidden water (splash) symbol in the a letter that incorporates the flow and river concepts as the essence of the brand. Friendly looking serif typeface has a minimal, young and warm feeling.

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