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Nina Lin Beauty Collection Branding & Packaging

Services: Creative Direction, Branding & Packaging

Nina Lin Beauty Collection, a Canadian cosmetics company, is dedicated to offering exceptional skincare products crafted with the utmost care and premium ingredients. With a commitment to purity and sustainability, the brand aims to create a harmonious relationship between skincare, the body, and the environment. To embody these brand ethos, our focus was on highlighting the ingredients throughout the brand identity and packaging design.


At the heart of the brand's visual identity is a minimalist logo inspired by the distinctive "n" and "l" letters from the brand name. The logo represents the essence of Nina Lin Beauty Collection's clean and modern approach. By utilizing a simple yet elegant design, it communicates the brand's commitment to simplicity, quality, and effectiveness.

In the packaging design, our primary emphasis was on showcasing the ingredients themselves. Drawing inspiration from the beauty and richness found in nature, each product's packaging features captivating illustrations of the key ingredients as the background. By prominently displaying the ingredients, we convey transparency and trust, assuring customers that they are choosing products that are free from unnecessary fillers and formulated with the highest quality ingredients.

By placing a strong emphasis on ingredients and adopting a minimalist design approach, the brand fosters a sense of authenticity and reinforces its commitment to providing skincare products that harmonize with both the body and the environment.