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Build a story, one piece at a time.

Services: Creative Direction, Branding, Stationery & Packaging Design

Mosaic Puzzles is a premium wooden puzzle company established in 2020. The intricate cut designs made by the in-house design team tell the story of the puzzles. The products bring joy and delight to customers around the world and allows them to unplug from the digital world with their loved ones.

In 2024 an expansion including 3D puzzles are planned and it's time for a refresh of the branding in the eve of these new products. The objective was to enhance the brand's image to mirror the exceptional product quality and evoke a sense of luxury and timelessness in line with the desired brand identity.

The brand icon of the hummingbird was retained but given a modernized touch, serving as the foundation for the creation of intricate patterns. These geometric patterns effectively convey the desired brand essence, elevating it to the desired level.

Colors & Packaging

I have made a deliberate choice to designate a distinct color for each piece count of the puzzle boxes, aiming to establish a coherent and intuitive visual framework. For instance, the color red signifies puzzle boxes containing 250 pieces, while blue denotes those comprising 1000 pieces, and so forth.

In the 2D depictions, these color-coded boxes are delineated with precision, ensuring clarity and ease of identification. Meanwhile, in the 3D representations, the boxes are rendered in a uniform black hue, with the brand logo elegantly emblazoned in the corresponding color, thus presenting a sophisticated and visually compelling portrayal.

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