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Young by Science, Pure by Nature

Services: Creative Direction, Branding, Packaging, Photography & Web Design

As humans, we have an intrinsic fascination with the idea of immortality. While we may never achieve that goal, the latest research into longevity has shed light on the biological mechanisms that contribute to cell deterioration and aging. Masi is a new Anti-Aging Supplements brand from Europe, believes that healthy aging is not just about living longer, but about living better.

Backed by the leading scientists in the area, Masi aims to bring the best anti-aging supplements, from the purest natural substances. In a market that is overwhelmingly dominated by products made in China, the brand comes with a different approach and aims the quality concerned target customer.

Following the values and the aim of the brand, I created a visual identity to reflect the clean, high quality and scientific character. On all the touch points from physical to digital; from packaging and printed communication to web design; I aimed for a pure and crystal clear aesthetic with neon accents. Print techniques such as silver foil and UV gloss finish carry the thoughtful and elaborate personality of the brand to customer through the packaging design.

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