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Rooted in Nature, Nourished by You.

Services: Creative Direction, Branding, Stationery & Packaging Design

Nestled in the South of France, Femmes d’Affaires is a members-only retreat like no other. The chateau is for women business owners, executives and entrepreneurs that creates a space for education, mentorship, network and connection. SoHo House meets an all female Illuminati, in the heart of Provence. 
Brand design embodies the spirit of grace, strength, and timeless femininity, quietly echoing within the walls of a down-to-earth castle. The concept of the branding is subtle feminine. It's not loud or ostentatious but rather an understated reflection of the power that women hold. It's in the soft color palettes and the delicate typography. The subtlety is a testament to the strength that doesn't need to shout to be heard.

La Maison de Femmes d’Affaire is a retreat that harmonizes with nature. The castle itself is a testament to the down-to-earth concept, and the branding reflects this natural synergy. It celebrates the sun-drenched vineyards, aromatic gardens by pairing a subtle modern serif as a body typeface with a light sans serif as a title typeface. The colors draw from these elements, creating an earthy palette that embodies the energy of the South of France.
Above all, the brand symbolizes empowerment and support. Every experience has been carefully designed to nurture not just the body but also the spirit. Women come here to find comfort, to breathe in nature's energy, and to lend their own support to one another.