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New tech and cult brands made simple & fun.

Services: Creative Direction & Branding

Introducing Espresso, a daily newsletter that delves into the captivating world of brands, bringing the most intriguing stories from the world’s most interesting and new brands. 


In an era where most newsletters lack a distinct visual identity, Espresso presents a unique opportunity for a design that embraces the power of branding. Drawing inspiration from a luxury espresso bar in the futuristic realm of 2050, we embarked on a journey to infuse the newsletter with a harmonious blend of classic elegance and subtle innovation. Picture yourself in a charming espresso bar nestled in the sun-soaked landscapes of southern France, where timeless aesthetics coexist with visionary advancements. This aspirational aesthetic served as our guiding light, in balancing the familiarity of the past with the promise of a technologically enriched future.

The logotype and newsletter layout pay homage to the timeless art of newspaper design. Section headers as sub-brands are designed to create a seamless experience. By bringing the aesthetic of traditional newspapers, we merge the past with the present, ultimately creating a uniquely engaging reading experience.


The branding embraces a harmonious blend of creams, earthy colors, and a striking warm brick tone. While the overall color palette leans towards muted and neutral hues, the red color emerges as a strong brand identifier, adding a touch of vibrancy and distinction to the design. By incorporating this bold element amidst the muted tones, we strike a balance that ensures the brand remains visually engaging without overwhelming the reader. The carefully curated color palette creates a timeless aesthetic. 


The strategic use of the red color throughout the branding establishes a cohesive and recognizable visual identity for Espresso.

Logomotion: Eray Sarıoğlu